Honeymoon in Africa

Planning your honeymoon?

If you are planning a wedding and looking for somewhere a little different to go afterwards, then an African honeymoon safari should be at the top of your list. Here is an experience that you may not necessarily have thought of, and it will tick all the boxes.

A honeymoon in Botswana, Namibia or Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia or Tanzania will allow you to discover a place like no other. It will be that very special trip of a life time, with that special person, at that special time in your life.

Luxury suites under canvas, tree-houses in the bush, billowing nets, romantic turn downs, candlelit dinners with gourmet cuisine and often private plunge pools….this sophistication is not necessarily what many would expect to find in the wilds of Africa. It will be truly memorable. Absolute tranquility, with time to connect with each other, with nature, the beautiful landscapes, Africa’s animals and true hospitality. You’ll come home completely re-charged and renewed.

Remote locations in the African bush with small stylish lodges and charming camps offer that sense of privacy and with a warm welcome and attention to detail, an African safari should be at the top of your list when considering where to go! Game watching by day and dining under the stars with the sounds of Africa all around, absolutely mesmerising! The holiday can be as active or as chilled as you like.

A safari to East Africa can be perfectly combined with a few days (or much longer depending on your available time away) with some real rest and relaxation along the Swahili coast of Tanzania and the Indian Ocean, on the exotic island of Zanzibar or Pemba or how about the stunning destination of Mozambique,? It is easily accessible from a South African safari with direct flights between the Kruger National Park and the pristine beaches of Mozambique. Discover beautiful beaches, pristine coral and crystal clear waters. It is a dream destination for those keen to take in some snorkelling or diving.

A perfect place to unwind after your wedding, a honeymoon in Africa will leave you with lasting memories to start your married life together.

There are so many options to consider depending on your wish-list, with some properties offering great ‘value for money’ honeymoon packages and up to 50% discounted rates for the bride, and as many places are fully inclusive of all meals and activities (sometimes even the drinks), your budget may go much further than you perhaps thought.


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