Zambia’s premier park

Zambia’s premier park, the Luangwa Valley is vast, remote and known as the traditional home of the ‘walking safari’. With more than 60 different species of mammals and a diverse range of habitats from sandy seasonal river beds, woodlands, ebony groves to mineral-rich floodplains, here is a safari not to be missed. Predators such as lion, leopard and wild dog are to be seen, primates such as baboons and vervet monkeys swing through the trees, while huge herds of elephant traverse to and from the river. Hippos and crocodiles can be found in abundance. The Park hosts a truly impressive number of animals and for the bird enthusiast there are around 450 species to be found here. The Luangwa River remains one of the last untouched major river systems in the world. Each year the river seasonally drops and rises with the rains. Boating safaris through the lagoons and channels of the river can take you to untouched parts of the Park, and as most of the game in this area remains resident all year, the game viewing is always excellent whether on driving, boating or walking activities.