Alan McLean

Our ‘bucket list’ of ‘places to go’ and ‘things to do’ included an African safari to see the ‘BIG 5’, and climbing a mountain. We decided to do both in an extended trip to Africa and attempted to plan our own itinerary. This proved to be a challenge too great, there were so many places we wanted to visit and vast distances between them, plus we had some concerns about the difficulty and dangers of travelling in Africa. I looked through some brochures and decided to contact Fiona for some advice. After listening to our wish list, Fiona guided us through a decision process that resulted in a sensational trip which maximised our 5 weeks in Africa. Her professional approach gave us confidence and we were so excited that we were going to do exactly, if not more, than we had hoped for. Everything from landing in Nairobi, travelling to Tanzania, climbing Kili, safari in the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti and the amazing experience of Zanzibar was handled with no issues and what a wonderful time. Our friends left and we were on our own, off to Victoria Falls and two of my highlights. Yes the Falls are certainly a ‘Wonder’ but the morning spent at a lion refuge, where not only did we learn how endangered lions are and walk next to one (18 month old cub), I got to scratch its tummy, truly incredible!! Then off to the wonders of Zambia and Botswana. The diversity of the different countries and their landscapes meant that the anticipation and excitement of finding not only the ‘Big 5’ but so many other animals large and small gave us so many spectacular memories. The trip was fantastic and it was apparent that Fiona had personally prepared all of our hosts, as we felt very special!! Our African experience was unbelievable, Fiona made it seamless. Without a doubt, we recommend 318Africa.