Elephant Art in Victoria Falls

Calling all artists!

With so much to do and see around Victoria Falls, we suggest that you stay for at least three or four days to take in your choice of activities on offer.

Now a brand new unique activity has been introduced for the artists or budding artists among us. Come and discover a unique elephant experience that is brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips, while surrounded by nature in the African bush, just a short distance from Victoria Falls.

On your arrival you will be introduced to the elephants and their story here at the Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary. After interacting with these wonderful “models” you will take your spot next to the waterhole and mud wallow, where under the shade of an enormous Mopane tree, with a chair, easel, paper and brightly coloured paint palettes, the creative juices can flow. It’s time to study the elephants and transform white sheets of paper into your very own masterpiece – a canvas of glorious blue sky, bright sunshine, grasses and of course elephants.

Once finished, a delicious two course buffet lunch with drinks awaits you, to round off a perfect morning’s experience.

All the elephants within the sanctuary are orphans and Wild Horizons work closely with the Parks and Wildlife management authority, offering haven to elephants in distress within the country. The initial operation started in 1993 with a group of four young orphaned elephants requiring a home. Over the years other orphaned and injured young elephants have been brought here and the numbers have grown to 23, some of which have since been successfully released into the wild. Feeding and raising a young orphaned elephant is an extremely complex business with a specially adapted milk formula being required in vast quantities as young elephants will drink between 40 – 60 litres of milk formula per day, as well as 24-hour supervision needed by the staff.