Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills


‘Land of a Thousand Hills and a million Smiles’, Rwanda, bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, is home to the legendary and critically endangered mountain gorillas. The capital is Kigali. Incredibly beautiful, it is a verdant country of unmatched diversity, with stunning landscapes of fertile green hills interspersed with lakes, rivers, savanna, rain forests, mountains, craters and waterfalls. With abundant rainfall and an equatorial climate, Rwanda is host to a myriad of bird and mammal species. Although many consider Rwanda primarily for gorilla tracking, the country offers so much more with some of the greatest wildlife experiences on the continent. Nyungwe Forest National Park offers breathtaking scenery, fabulous forest hikes, huge troops of monkeys and semi-habituated chimpanzees. Combined with Akagera National Park, big game country with an abundance of wildlife or Lake Kivu, you will discover a truly unique and very special safari.